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Sparkling Heathcote Shiraz - First Cuvee


Image Placeholder 2005 Winemaker's Reserve Sparkling Shiraz

Region: Heathcote, Victoria

Winemakers: Graeme Quigley & Sue Kerrison

Background: Our “Non-Vintage Sparkling Shiraz” is a single vineyard sparkling, produced in the traditional method.  The wine is blended from robust 2008 Shiraz and fine, elegant 2009 Shiraz.  The cuvee were matured in seasoned French and American oak for 20 months (2008 component) and 9 months (2009 component) prior to bottling and then bottle fermented for a further 38 months, to enable the cuvee to fully develop its bottle fermentation characteristics. The wine showcases the diversity of styles that can be achieved on our unique terroir on the east side of the Mt Camel Range 25km north of Heathcote. The grapes were hand picked at the optimum ripeness for each vintage, then small batch fermented and immediately pressed to barrel for maturation.

Vintage conditions: 2008 was a hot season that followed a warm, dry Spring. Vine growth was good and even throughout the vineyard.  Summer was generally warm to hot and relatively dry throughout the ripening season. This produced small, concentrated berries with rich plum fruit flavours.  During the mid March heatwave we ceased picking and resumed when cooler conditions prevailed in late March.

2009 was also a hot season that followed a cool, dry spring.  Vine growth was moderate throughout the vineyard. Mid January, temperatures soared to 40 degrees and the extreme conditions did not abate until mid March.  This resulted in significant vine stress, a modest degree of defoliation and berry shrivel.  Ripening was supressed, resulting in a fine, elegant wine style.

Blending fruit from these two vintages has produced a medium weight, elegant sparkling shiraz, with high natural acidity and spicy fruit characteristics.

Colour: Dark red to garnet with purple to garnet hue.

Nose: Sweet plums and cherries, with spicy overtones.

Palate: Spicy plum, cherries and sweet berries with a soft lingering finish. 
This is a medium bodied wine style that is best served chilled.

Alc/Vol: 13.9%v/v

Bottled under diam

Packed in 6x750ml cartons

Disgorge: This wine has been disgorged three times.  The first disgorge, C1D1, had 16 months on lees.  The second disgorge, C1D2, had 26 months on lees.  The third disgorge, C1D3, had 38 months on lees.  You can identify each disgorge via the distinquishing number on the back of the neck label.

Current Disgorge - C1-D3

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Second Disgorge - C1-D2

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First Disgorge - C1-D1

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